Assessment Management

OES is committed to achieving student learning outcomes via a dedicated team of online tutors who are specially trained to facilitate online learning and assessment.

Industry-relevant technology is used to enable and manage a range of online assessments including quizzes, written assignments, case studies, e-portfolios, invigilated in-person or online examinations based on course requirements across all disciplines.

OES is committed to ensuring that every stage of study is managed in a positive and student-centric manner. Our online tutors are passionate and experienced academics trained in the best practice methods for teaching and assessing online students.

With extensive experience assessing thousands of students, OES has expertise and knowledge about what works best in the online context. In conjunction with their partners, OES translates all assessments to an optimal online format while retaining integrity and equivalence. World-class technology is used to deliver quizzes, exams, written assignments, case studies, e-portfolios, reflections, interactive simulations, gamified assessments and significant experience in delivering invigilated in-person and online examinations. In 2017 alone, OES conducted over close to 16,000 face to face examinations in 95 different venues in over 10 countries as well as over 5,000 exams online.

All OES learning material and assessments comply with Accessibility Standards to ensure that we deliver an accessible and credible education offering to students that otherwise may find it difficult to study. Importantly, OES offers dedicated support for all students when it comes to completing assessment tasks. This support is delivered in the form of tutors who are discipline experts, Student Advisors and Success Coaches as well as third party academic support.

Professor Linda Kristjanson AO

"Swinburne Online is a key part of Swinburne’s portfolio of innovative education offerings. Through our joint venture with Online Education Services, Swinburne has become a leading provider of online education. We have learned a lot about what students need in a digital learning environment, what motivates them, and how they learn. Through Swinburne Online we are able to provide access and flexibility to learners from diverse backgrounds, for whom on-campus study is often not an option.”

Professor Linda Kristjanson AO

Former Vice-Chancellor, Swinburne University of Technology