Workforce Management

OES has extensive experience in the recruitment, training and management of a high performing and scalable online teaching team. The online environment requires specialist skills and OES delivers in-house online training to ensure the impressive network of online tutors are positioned to maximise learning outcomes and student success.


OES is proud to attract and nurture some of the education sector’s best talent, appreciating the critical role they play in the student experience and successful learning outcomes.

We draw on an international pool of academically qualified and high calibre teaching staff to support partner programs and manage over 450 remote teaching staff who are qualified discipline experts trained in effective online facilitation and digital learning techniques. Additionally, a group of coaches oversee the teaching team, guaranteeing that the quality of teaching is consistently high.

As a digital business, OES is particularly passionate about keeping its remote workforce engaged and has created an online community to ensure these staff members feel connected, supported and have access to ongoing professional development. Creating a high performing and engaged teaching team begins at the recruitment phase. It’s important to ensure alignment with core company values, and to establish a connection with our student centric purpose. While the remote OES workforce is designed to scale quickly to mirror growing student numbers, a student-centric approach is always the priority.


Professor Simon Barrie

WSU Online has been a highly productive partnership between Online Education Services and Western Sydney University. Within three years the partnership has delivered nine programs, 131 units, to 1430 students and our first cohort of students are ready to graduate. OES’s deep expertise in online education has helped inform some of our own transition to online learning as a result of COVID-19 and we look forward to continuing to learn from each other as we explore new opportunities to innovate in online and flexible learning.

Professor Simon Barrie

Deputy Vice Chancellor and Vice President (Academic), Western Sydney University